completePOWER (Bodyweight)

Monday's:  6:15am and 7am

completePOWER (Bodyweight) is a 35 minute interval training class that will BURN calories long after your workout ends.


Tuesday's: 6:15am and 7am

completeCORE is a 45 minute endurance challenge that will BLAST your core, carving you into a HERO!

completePOWER (Weighted)

Thursday's: 6:15am and 7am

completePOWER (Weighted) is an efficient nonstop 35 minute POWER workout that will MELT fat while sculpting muscle.


Friday's: 6:15am and 7am

completeAGILITY fuses Gymnastic drills and unconventional Plyometric movements in a KICK-ASS workout. Perfect your balance and flexibility. Get ready to SWEAT!


Special Workshop Once A MONTH Starting in the New Year

A well rounded, full body power yoga class designed to complement your Complete Burn workout. This class will revitalize your muscles, enhance your flexibility and increase your mental stamina. Set to energizing music, you will leave class ready to conquer your next burn.  Taught by Kimi Cantrell of Rose City Yoga