From L to R (Jake DuPree, Leah Purcell and Christianne Sainz)


Before Leah became a fitness advisor she started out her career as a professional dancer in New York City, performing in numerous Broadway National Tours. After 4 years in New York she then moved back to her native home of Southern California. Always being a healthy, active person and seeing her body change not only from childbirth but also entering her 30's she knew keeping in shape wasn't going to be as easy as before. Leah then decided to make fitness and nutrition a priority. "Health is something that should be an important factor in one's everyday life no matter what age or fitness level." She started teaching Dance Fitness classes as well as Barre and saw that her body was changing, but knew she needed something more. Being a full-time mother and having a job also left Leah with less options for working out. She just didn't have the time.  After researching different types of training methods Leah discovered the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training. Not only are these workouts more efficient but they are fun! With limited time in today's world, completeBURN looks to short (35 min) High Intensity Interval (HIIT) training classes as the foundation of its program to optimize its clients results in the most efficient way possible. We started completeBURN to help improve the lives of people through a uniquely designed community-based fitness program that maximizes physical strength, flexibility and mental focus. We've partnered with MioGlobal a recognized pioneer in the sport and fitness technology industry. By having clients use the MioFUSE (a wearable fitness tracker with heart rate monitor) clients can then track their specific heart rate zones to ensure optimal training. In addition to in studio (bootcamp style) training and corporate wellness, completeBURN has launched its Fitness APP on the AppleStore as an option for participants who live outside the Los Angeles Area. If one-on-one is more your style, Leah also offers In Home Personal Training. You can email us at with inquiries.