Success Story: We are so proud of our client Cathy Emmett and her continued #success with the Complete Burn Fitness program. Cathy has been with us for a year and is down 45 lbs. and has gone from a size 10 dress/pant to a 4-6. Whats even more #IMPRESSIVE is this following:

"When I began my journey (mid-June 2015) my weight put me in the "obese" category, my A1C had me in the pre-diabetic range (which had already declined to neutral by my appointment last year during the completeBURN trial) and my blood pressure was hovering at 120/80 (not bad but today it's 98/66). My doctor reminded me that when she sees patients in my age range (i'm 56), she is happy if they stay the same year after year. She believes it is highly unusual for a woman my age to actually succeed in meaningful weight loss and improved overall physical health.

I know that bringing consciousness to my food plan has been essential, but the real changes in my body composition were the direct result of CompleteBURN. I will be forever grateful to LeahJake and Christianne. It has truly changed my life."

big hug,


My body fat % is down 6% and I have found body confidence, enhanced endurance and a mental attitude that now says “Dig Deep for 45 more seconds – You Can Do This!!
— Cathy E
I’ve tried many workout routines over the years, but, completeBurn has gotten me the results I’ve been looking for the fastest! I’ve lost 14lbs. so far, including 2 inches in 6 weeks.
— Tony C
Thank you completeBURN for bringing a challenging fun new twist on fitness to bring me back to life!
— Danielle M
To anyone who is interested in achieving the best fitness possible, I’d recommend Complete Burn.
— Andy W
HELLO, ABS! :) :) :) Thanks completeBURN, hard work is paying off!
— Chanel B
Their workouts are the real deal and keep you inspired.
— Ashley N