Leah Purcell is currently programing/instructing her one-of-a-kind group fitness experiences for TOMS corporate headquarters, Hahn & Hahn LLP, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca as well as BOLTON & COMPANY with huge success. In Spring 2016 Leah also programmed a POP-UP Bootcamp for The Mondrian Los Angeles.

If you are looking to bring a unique corporate wellness program to your facility/business please contact us at, we'd love to hear from you.

What Employee's are Saying

“I am super sore today, but I am really glad I went to the class. I was happy that she was motivating and encouraging, especially liked the fact that she showed us a variation of each move and we could all work at our own level.”

”Yes, I really enjoyed it too! It was the perfect level of challenging, especially with the variations of movements that were offered. I’m definitely coming back next week!”

”I loved it! I thought it was challenging and I’m definitely sore today! I also like that she included variations and walked around and corrected form :) I also thought the pace was great, having a few seconds in between each exercise to stretch was amazing especially after sitting at our desks all day!”