You don't need to be a fitness fanatic to get the results you've always wanted.

NO GIMMICKS HERE! Just fast, fun and efficient workout videos to get you to your goals.


These workouts can be done using minimal equipment or done on-the-go using just your body. This fully comprehensive program will ignite your inner athlete. From the stay-at-home mom to the traveling professional try us for 30 days FREE and see what everyone is talking about. Fitness is for everyone and these quick efficient workouts will fit any lifestyle. If you prefer to watch our videos on your TV you can via AirPlay.



Fitness APP Features

  • On-Demand Fitness Videos (Pick what you like)
  • 90-Day Scheduled Program
  • Live streaming workouts with our Trainers every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am PST
  • New Programs Being added regularly
  • Archive Library of Select LiveStream Workouts

*WiFi required to Stream Videos

Types of Workouts

  • POWER Bodyweight - is a quick Bodyweight HIIT training class that will BURN calories long after your workout ends.
  • POWER Weighted - is an efficient nonstop weighted workout that will MELT fat while sculpting muscle.
  • CORE - is a endurance challenge that will BLAST your core, carving you into a HERO!
  • AGILITY - fuses Gymnastic drills and unconventional Plyometric movements in a KICK-ASS workout. Perfect your balance and flexibility. Get ready to SWEAT!
  • YOGA - Restorative yoga class designed to complement your Complete Burn workout. This class will revitalize your muscles and enhance your flexibility. 
  • STRETCH - Recover with this quick 15-minute stretch class, perfect complement to any workout or used on its own.